About us

Mission & Vision

πŸ‘‹ Our mission is to partner with businesses, transforming their digital visions into reality through custom development services. We strive to provide bespoke solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital landscape.

πŸ’³ We envision a world where every business, regardless of size or technical expertise, can effortlessly establish a professional digital presence. By offering domain and web hosting services, we aim to simplify the online journey, enabling businesses to unlock their full potential and succeed in the digital realm.

Our Workflow

πŸ‘‹ We have 2 types of offering a) ready2lauch sites b) custom services: if you want ready made websites/themes/templates you can check our assets and order directly we will install the template on your server and handover the project.

πŸ’³ If looking for custom services then checkout our pricing section and select monthly or one time option and book your service. Our team will get in touch with you within 1hr of order booking.

πŸ’» Once order is placed our team will get in touch with you and schedule a quick zoom briefing session for detailed discussion/ briefing

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Once the briefing zoom call is completed, a dedicated account manager will be assigned and he/she will create a detailed project management board and give you access to the project board.

⏳ You will be able to check all milestones and access the boards. And give feedback and check progress completely from the project management board and also share credentials and files directly on the project board.

πŸ™ Once the project is finished we will ask for a final review and send you an official project completion email. And handover the project files backup and all related credentials.

Our Story

πŸ‘‹ Once upon a time, there was a team of passionate tech experts who believed that anyone could create and conquer in the digital world with the right skills, knowledge, and support.

That's why they created Codesiddhi, a brand dedicated to empowering people to unlock their full potential online.

Codesiddhi's focus is on e-learning, providing a comprehensive platform for learners to gain valuable online skills such as coding, design, SEO, freelancing, data science, blockchain, AI, and much more. The courses are designed to be engaging, accessible, and flexible, allowing learners to fit their studies into their busy lives. The platform also offers hands-on projects and job assistance, giving learners the confidence to create and conquer in the digital world.

But Codesiddhi doesn't stop there. They also offer custom software development services, bringing businesses' digital visions to life with bespoke software solutions. With domain and web hosting services, Codesiddhi makes it easy for anyone to get online and create a professional digital presence.

At Codesiddhi, they believe that anyone can code, create, and conquer in the digital world with the right guidance and tools. Their tagline, "code.create.conquer," embodies this belief, inspiring learners to unleash their creativity and turn their digital dreams into reality.

Join the Codesiddhi community today and start your journey to code, create, and conquer!

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